Thrive suite review

THRIVE SUITE review : of course!

Today, I'm happy to share this Thrive suite review because I've finally found the right tools to launch and develop my online business.

People often ask me what tools I use in my website. 

And in particular how did I build this wonderfull website 😂.


It was not an easy job for me !

Because I'm not the queen of Technique.

The truth ?

I've spent months learning about all the tools available. I compared them and read hunderds of reviews.

I used a few tools that I dropped after a while because they were too incomplete, too expensive or complicated.

And the, when I found the right ones, I finally got to work.

Anyway, if some days you plan to build a website and I can save you all this wasted time ...

These are the only essential tools for my current online survival.

First of all I've to make the Thrive suite review (because it has been so helpful for me)!

It's a pack of plugins to create your website easily (without coding) + marketing plugins to develop you business on the Web.

I wanted to create FrenchFacile on WordPress. 

First, I used a free theme but it looked like really unprofessional.

Then, I tried Elementor. It was nice but it focus a lot on design and not enough on marketing.

Thrive Suite is a bit complex to manage at first but it is extremely complete and reliable.

Today, Thrive Suite is a pillar tool in my activity.

What do I love in Thrive Suite ?

Technical support.

They are very responsive.

You can contact them at any time to ask your questions about website building or to explain your problems.

Thrive technicians tell you exactly how to do or they do it for you.

I know that I would never have succeeded in ceating this site without their help.

The Thrive Suite seems expensive to buy, but given all its possibilities, it's an excellent investment.

Thrive Suite is the backbone of my job online.

Therefore, it consist of:

Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect: 

To create a pro website easily.

You choose templates and the you drag and drop all the elements you need (text, images, ...) without coding.

Everything is customizable.

And you really get into the game !

Thrive Quiz Builder :

To carry out quizzes, surveys, etc. whether for fun, educational or marketing purposes.

Thrive Optimize :

To test the effectiveness of some of your pages compared to others.

Thrive Apprentice :

To create and host your future online courses.

So, just for that, I buy Thrive Suite immediately!

When you know the fees of some competitors, Thrive Suite is a bargain!

Other course plateforms :

  • Podia : €75/month
  • Learnybox : €100/month
  • Teachable : $119 /month
  • Etc.

Thrive Ultimatum :

To integrate countdowns on your offers.

Thrive Ovation :

To collect, manage and disseminate customer testimonials.

Thrive Leads :

A gem for creating email capture pages that are easy to integrate on your site.

Thrive Comments :

To manage comments on your site.

Thrive Automator :

To connect Thrive tools with other plugins.

All Thrive plugins have been designed to work together. 

No fiddling with 101 non-compatible free plugins that crash you site every other day.

With Thrive Suite, you have everything you need to build a sustainable business on the Web.

And if you feel like it, you can use your Thrive Suite not on a single site but on 5 sites (for the same price)!

âš’Discover Thrive Suiteâš’

With my job online, I've discovered the existence of autoresponders: professional mailbox that sends group emails to your subscribers or students.


I quickly realized that it would be very time-consuming to manage manually sending emails.

So, I did a great research. I scanned all the existing autoresponders. I opted for MailerLite.

MailerLite is free below 1000 subscribers but really complete for professional use.

Above 1000 subscribers, the monthly fees are progressive as with all autoresponders but not excessive.

🇫🇷 The same course explained in French here : Mes outils (Thrive architect, mon avis)

Prof de français depuis 10 ans.

Je t'explique la grammaire et la conjugaison avec des vidéos courtes🎬 qui vont droit au but 🎯.

Parce que tu as besoin de comprendre les bases de la grammaire et de la conjugaison pour (enfin !) parler français.


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