Today, I share with you the ultimate Frantastique review:  

I've tested this French course on the Gymglish app and website for 2 months.

You are looking for a complete French course online for adults?

You want to review French grammar and conjugation? Or maybe you just want to speak and improve your French online?

French is a difficult language that needs to be studied and practiced regularly.

I'm going to tell you about my experience with Frantastique that I tested for two months a few years ago.

It allowed me to go from level 3.5 to level 5 (almost the maximum) in 60 days.

⚠️ If you're French and you want to progress in French spelling, Frantastique has another course specifically for you, I talk about here in French : Frantastique Ortho 🥐.

  Yes, I want 7 free days with Frantastique! 

(without commitment nor credit card)

Can I learn French all by myself (for free)?


Here are some tips that will help you to progress in French for free in your daily life:

Your mindset

Be curious and interested in the French language.

You doubt when writing in French ? Take 2 min to look for:

  • the good words to use and
  • the conjugation of verbs

You can also:

  • review basic conjugation and grammar rules on your own
  • watch French movies
  • read French books or French novels

Which material for learning French alone?

  • Dictations: you will find a lot of French dictations on the internet
  • Watch conjugation and grammar courses on Youtube (check mine!)
  • Use grammar and conjugation textbooks and workbooks
  • Read French books for children (easy to understand and to learn vocabulary)
  • Use flash cards in French
  • Use the dictionary (monlingual or bilingual)
  • Use the Bescherelle (for French conjugation)
  • Practice French alone on languages apps like Duolingo or Mosalingua
  • Speak French with a native for free thanks to a linguistic exchange
  • Subscribe to French teachers on Instagram or Youtube : Read and listen their content and comment
  • Do French exercises online to practice (quizzes or PDFs)

Learning French alone works for some people...


It's long and difficult. You will need a lot of motivation and regularity.

You are not a French teacher so you don't really know where to start or how.

And unfortunately, most of French textbooks are very boring.

Not to mention some of the free online courses that are of poor quality because they were not done by real French teachers.

Frantastique Review

So here we go, I'm going to tell you about this online French course for adults.

Would you like that?


Online courses are a scam. I'll have to be ultra-motivated, correct myself and maybe I will forget the sessions,...

Well, not exactly...

Frantastique is simple and fun.

Every day, you will receive a course in your mailbox or on the Frantastique app.

So, no risk of losing your login or spending 15 minutes to connect.

Your daily course is short (10 min) : The time of a subway ride or a coffee break. It is well explained and it immediately puts you into action with exercises.

The effort is concise but long term.

Result: A very popular online French course with 80% attendance!

In addition, the lessons are lively and humorous and you receive the automatic correction a few seconds after validating your lesson.

A fun, simple and personalized French course

The Gymglish method

A pinch of linguistic gymnastics every morning

To begin: you take a test to evaluate your level (from 1 to 5).

Every morning: you receive your 10-minute lesson. This is a short working time but ideal for long-term retention.

Content: various lessons and exercises for your level (for adults). A mix of vocabulary, conjugation, grammar in written, audio and video format.

Bonus: A pinch of French culture at the end of each lesson.

Correction: you receive your correction immediately on the same page. Frantastique also sends the correction of your daily exercices to your mailbox.

Review: The following lessons are always a mix of new content and review. Thanks to artificial intelligence, each course adapts to your profile, French level and progress.

Pedagogical report: You get it at the end of each week and at the end of the training. It's a French certification that mentions your level, name,...

Thanks to these monthly reports, you will see your progress.

It's motivating.

WHERE?  Receive your lesson by email or on the Gymglish app.

WHEN? Every morning, 3 or 5 days a week (you can choose).


cours frantastique

You can even indicate your vacation days so that you won't receive courses on these days.  ?

Choisissez vos jours de vacances


Young people (from 15 years old) and adults of all levels:       

   - French natives (Frantastique Orthographe)

   - Foreign learners (Frantastique)

Instructions and explanations are available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch. ?

frantastique english explanations

The different French levels in Frantastique

Level 0: Very little knowledge of French

Level 1: Beginner in French

Level 2: French Fluency

Level 3: Good knowledge of French

Level 4: Advanced French

Level 5: Excellent knowledge of French

When you register for Frantastique free, you take a level test.

But in fact, the software still evaluates your level during the first 7 lessons.

That's why the questions may seem a little too easy or difficult at first.

The Frantastique story

The big plus of Frantastique is its playfulness and its history, which is the main thread of all the courses you will receive during several weeks.

Story Time:

Victor Hugo has been thawed out because he has to lead a special mission.

You follow his adventures through all your lessons and exercises while he has to find mustard for lunch, avoid a revolution in the canteen,...

In short, a whole program staged, humorous and endearing.

The whole thing is nicely illustrated and spiced up with professional animation films. The graphics may or may not appeal to adults... I find them nice.

In any case, it is much more pleasant than bland exercises in textbooks.

? Here is an example of one video in the first lesson:

How much does Frantastique cost?

 (for foreign learners)

Frantastique Price : BASIC, PREMIUM or GOLD ?

3 options : Choose between BASIC, PREMIUM or GOLD.

My opinion: the BASIC version is sufficient : 3 lessons a week and everything you need to succeed.

With PREMIUM: the team treats your requests as a priority and you have up to 5 lessons a week.

On the other hand, the GOLD version is more expensive but really great.

With GOLD :

  • Priority customer service
  • You have a chat window to discuss and ask questions to the teachers at any time (private tutoring)
  • Monthly pedagogical report
  • You receive a certification of completion recognized by the French state
  • Up to 7 lessons /week

Focus on the BASIC package (my favorite)

I recommend that you choose the BASIC course combining it with a French conversation course anywhere.

Indeed, as a foreign learner, you must speak French regularly to progress in this language.

You can find many native French teachers on Instagram or on sites like Preply.

How long last this course ? When I click on the BASIC button, another price window opens. You see that the monthly rate depends on the duration of the subscription. It is degressive.

My opinion: Choose at least 12 months to see improvements and establish good learning habits.?

Hold on.

I take out my calculator.

When you opt for a one year subscription with the BASIC version, you invest 33 €/month, that means a total of 396 €.

Ok, it seems expensive.


With this price, you will have access to 258 lessons for life.

Then, each lesson cost 1,5 €! 

 Honestly, you won't find better value for money on the market.

Frantastique Orthographe Fee

 (for native speakers)

☝️You're a native speaker and you want to progress in French spelling and conjugation ?

Gymglish has another course specialy designed for you.

I speak about it here: Frantastique Orthographe avis

Examples of courses and exercises with Frantastique

I took some screenshots of  my lessons and exercises in Frantastique.

This will give you an idea of the content:

At the beginning of each lesson, the software reminds you of your level (because you progress!), your participation rate and the number of lessons completed. ?

Frantastique intro

Different accents: French, Quebec, Belgian, Swiss, etc.

In Frantastique French lessons, you will hear accents from all over the French-speaking world in order to reflect its diversity.

Reminder: From the second lesson onwards, the course always begins with a little revision of your previous mistakes.  ? 

révisions Frantastique

Sample course:

Using a short comic book story, you will do different exercises.? 

☝️ Several possibilities: You can read the bubbles of the comic book or a text of the same stoy.

You can translate all the texts into several languages.

Various exercises:

Listening comprehension (word dictation), singular-plural and conjugation.?

Humorous dictation:

Listen to the audio message and then fill in the blanks in the script.?

Dictée orthographe Frantastique

Dictation of difficult words ?:

Vocabulary exercises:

You learn new vocabulary and you can set your preferences for future revisions (see on the bottom right) ?

Conjugation exercises ?:

cours d'orthographe en ligne conjugaison

Integrated French keyboard:

In the image below (circled in red), you can see the presence of a French keyboard integrated in all the exercises. 

This is essential when working on a phone or computer with certain keyboards that do not contain all the French letters and accents.

However, other French courses online do not contain an integrated French keyboard. I have personally observed this.

Here it's just so handy!

clavier français Gymglish

To close each course, you will receive a touch of French culture as a dessert. It's always very interesting and fun

… and I love Jean Dujardin!


cours d orthographe en ligne culture française

Frantastique review, my testimonial after the test

  • Hyper personalized program: adapted to your level (whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced) and adapted to your schedule.
  • Short and well explained lessons.
  • Revision of your mistakes with different exercises spread over several days or weeks until you master the lesson. The software uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your level and progress.
  • Very complete and high quality content: conjugation, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, French culture, etc.
  • A wide variety of materials to ensure that you never get bored: texts, quizzes, written exercises, audios, videos (cartoons, film excerpts, songs, ads, ...), dictations, conjugation tables, etc.
  • The humor and the playfulness + the story of Victor Hugo defrosted + the professional layout/design of the lessons and exercises (no ugly Power Point presentations here! )
  • When you answer the daily exercices, you receive an automatic correction in the following minutes on the spot and by email.
  • You can access your lessons for life, do it again and receive the correction as many times as you want! (I'm repeating some lessons even if I paid 3 years ago).
  • Guarantee: You have 15 days to cancel and get your money back after registration and payment.
  • Free trial: You can test Frantastique for free during 7 days with no credit card and without any obligation to buy after. This allows you to try the whole method before making a decision.
  • Access to the pedagogical team/teachers with the GOLD subscription only.
  • The daily lesson is too short for motivated or passionate French learners. When you have time, you would like to study more but you get only one lesson a day.

? In fact, Frantastique linguists rely on short (10 min) and repetitive learning (every day) for at least 6 months to maintain motivation. They promote short efforts and long term memorisation.

It is said to be scientifically proven.

Frantastique by Gymglish. Does it work ?

Frantastique is a professional solution to improve your French online.

It's professional but also fun.

The humor and the playfulness will make you (almost) forget the difficulties of the French language with its bizarre rules.

This course is for you if you are an international French learner (and adult).

It is suitable for you if you are a beginner but also if you already have a high level of knowledge and are passionate about the French language. You will be able to revise very specific notions such as the plural of compound words or the past participle of pronominal verbs.

It's also for you if you are a French speaker and have great difficulty in spelling.

The amount of study time per week is not stifling. You just have to be consistent.

This is a light method.

The minimum effort required has been calculated by memory experts.

Frantastique relies heavily on revision and spaced repetition.

The smart and efficient software calculates your level, adapts continuously and makes you revise thanks to artificial intelligence.

You'll study smart, without killing yourself.

I have personally tried Frantastique, but also Wordflashback and Gymglish, two online English courses from the same company.

I was able to go from level  3.5 to level 5 in spelling in just 60 days.

And in English, I have made good progress in vocabulary (that was my goal).

Frantastique free trial

You can test the complete formula for free during 7 days to make your own opinion (without commitment nor credit card).

Register below with your email.   

Yes, I want 7 free days with Frantastique!

(without commitment nor credit card)

Make sure you choose the right course for you:

I look forward to your feedback.

Of course, if you have any other questions about Frantastique, I'm available in comments.

See you soon,

Prof de français depuis 10 ans.

Je t'explique la grammaire et la conjugaison avec des vidéos courtes🎬 qui vont droit au but 🎯.

Parce que tu as besoin de comprendre les bases de la grammaire et de la conjugaison pour (enfin !) parler français.


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