Welcome here!

Moi, c'est Catherine.

I'm Catherine.

I have been a French teacher for 10 years.

I've developed easy ways to remember those pesky grammar and conjugation rules. 

Not to mention all the exceptions we have in French!



A long, long time ago (yes, I'm almost a dinosaur), I too made French mistakes at work. 

And that really penalized me.

I too have learned foreign languages (Spanish, English, Dutch and a little Arabic) and I know how it is difficult.

I was (and still am) angry at the current educational system (which is not great).

But one day, I stopped bitching and decided to take control of my life.

And here is my (thrilling) story summarized in 2 min 36...

flèche FrenchFacile


Random Studies

18 years old.

I want a decent job and training so that I can be socially respected.

I love languages and traveling.

So I didn't waste any time and decided to go to university in another country.

I was therefore learning a second language (Dutch) during my university studies.

First failure.

It is difficult to master a foreign language😅...

I give up and come back home...

But nothing is lost. Thanks to this one year experience, I'm almost bilingual in French and Dutch and I can use this asset in my first jobs as a student.


Still on the road, towards Spain.

I am applying to a Spanish university for a degree in foreign languages.

I had a 0 level in Spanish.

This time, it works!

I follow my curriculum with success + Spanish classes and I integrate with the population. 

4 years later, I have my university degree in foreign languages and I am also bilingual in French and Spanish. 

Learning a language seems long and difficult.

And it's true:

It is necessary to learn the basics of grammar and conjugation but also to practice daily with native speakers for several years.

In the meantime, I am learning a little German and Italian without spending much time on it, so I am stagnating at A1 level ?.


As you can hear in my videos, my English is not perfect!

I learned English in school from the age of 12, then in college and the classes were pretty poor.

That's why I'm upset with the school system 😤.

You may have experienced the same story with learning French.

However, I dare to speak English in order to improve.

I regularly take online English lessons (because there are no native teachers in my city).

I often review grammar rules in textbooks or with apps.

And I watch movies and other English programs weekly. 

Finally, I reached a C1 level in English but I still have difficulties in  speaking (this is the hardest for everyone).

In 2010, as I love foreign languages, I decided to work as a translator.

The slap

But one day, a client pointed out some spelling mistakes (in French) in my work as a translator.

French is a difficult language, even for us native speakers.


I get a slap in the face.


16 years of school + a specialization in French as a foreign language...

I am angry at school, university, my teachers and angry at this French with its twisted rules!

Overcoming laziness

I need this job (and even a raise).

And above all, I refuse to be looked down upon for a few (small) mistakes.

I decide to (re)train in French.

I will review all the spelling, conjugation and grammar rules.


Actress, no longer spectator

I devour the most boring French textbooks: Bescherelle, Bled, Grevisse, dictionaries, etc.

Sincerely, the explanations are horrible.

In my job as a translator, I spend hours checking every word and verb. 

I'm breaking down conjugation, past participle rules, homonyms, etc. 

I keep a small notebook, full of charts, cards and mind maps for 1 year.

Surprise! I came across Frantastique, an online French course.

It's flexible and fun.

Why not!

I went from level 3, 5 to level 5 (the maximum) in two months! 

Phew, it's starting to take! Not so complicated after all.


2013. A few years have passed.

I fell in love with French (my mother tongue) and teaching.

Now, I have been teaching French to adults and children for 10 years. 

I am trained in alternative pedagogies, mindmapping and the Montessori method, which is very effective for children and even adults!

Today I have settled in Morocco with my husband and our three children.

I continue to learn other foreign languages: Arabic and Portuguese. But without a solid method, my level remains quite low.


I created FrenchFacile in order to organize, compile and improve my French language worksheets on grammar and conjugation.

On the blog, you will find my easy method:

  •  short videos to understand each lesson well and quickly 

  • and quizzes to practice.

French is horrible!

Yes, perhaps.

But with clear explanations and support, it's possible.

You can contact me at any time.

You are not alone.

Warning ⚠️

I am neither a purist nor a protector of the French language.

The only purpose of this website is to help you in French, not to promote or defend the French language.

By the way, I hate using big words (weird for a teacher). 

I like to speak and explain simply.

I want to support you with joy, good humor and kindness

By the way, I'm not French but Belgian (native French-speaking, of course).

So here, no "Vive la France!"

Uh... France is nice, but my thing is just the French language:

🎯 Grammaire & Conjugaison.

The French language is my specialty and I'm going to share it with you.

I have worked hard and found effective methods to help you improve your French. 

So today, I share my knowledge.

What a story!

I'm not telling you this to unpack my life. You'll see, it's not my style...

But I want to motivate you.

Because I think that everyone can master French 💪.

That's why I prepare weekly funny or educational posts on Instagram, Facebook, videos on my youtube channel and new articles on the blog.

Here, you will (finally!) understand French grammar and conjugation.

You need the basics of grammar and conjugation to stop blocking and to speak French easily.

See you soon!


Don't forget to test your level of French 👇