How do you feel about writing?

You may have an average level of spelling.

And it’s disabling, I know.

Don’t panic, you can improve.

There are mnemonic tricks that you were not particularly taught in school.

Too bad.

But it’s never too late!

CONTENT of the coaching


You write an essay at home 3 times a week for a month on a given topic or your choice.

If you are a foreigner (non-French speaker), I suggest a list of vocabulary and expressions to use in each essay.

  • You send me each essay by email.
  • I correct, explain mistakes and comment on your essay in video (I film my screen).
  • I will send you back the commented correction by email.

Follow-up by email only. No live classes.


I send you additional exercises and revision sheets on the difficulties observed  in the essays.


We can work directly on the difficulties you choose.

Interested in spelling coaching?

Information and registration by email (see the form below).

Places are limited to 10 registrations per month.

For info or registration: