Print and digital books, emails, SEO blog posts, sales pages, copywriting

Writing French ebooks

Paper and digital books

I write impactful copy in a style that suits your project: books, ebooks, PDFs. Explain the theme and the key ideas to be developed. Let’s go!

Writing of newsletters and emails

Entrepreneur or infopreneur, describe your situation, the broad outlines of your project and your objectives. I will build for you sequences of emails and newsletters that will explode your conversion rate.

French seo web writing

seo WEB writing

I write your SEO optimized blog posts so that they appear on the first page of Google.

I use the keywords you want to position yourself on or I manage the keyword research for you. 


… or the art of choosing words that sell.

To attract your prospects, you need a great product, but also effective communication.

I study your product, your market and your ideal customer. Then, I write your email sequences and sales pages in order to convert your visitors into customers.

Contact me to book your phone call and we will target your needs together.

French copywriting sales pages


To correct the mistakes of all your texts and give them more style


I proofread all your texts: books, term papers, blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc.

Proofreading and editing are intended to correct:

  • spelling,
  • conjugation,
  • grammar,
  • syntax,
  • punctuation,
  • typography,
  • repetitions and redundancies
  • and the style to make the reading fluid and pleasant.


It’s about making the writing style and language concise and effective.

This service is intended for non-French speakers and people who have difficulty expressing their ideas clearly and communicating effectively in writing.

This writing assistance consists of:

  • elimination of redundancies, pleonasms and improprieties, 
  • structure, coherence and clarity of the text,
  • precision and richness of vocabulary,
  • style (language registers or levels, turns of phrase, fluency),
  • suggestions for rewording to clarify meaning and refine style.

Editing and correction of translations

Do you want to have a translation X that a translator Y has done revised?

It is by