Français avec Pierre-French course review: 

Are you looking for a complete and serious online French course (beginner, intermediate or advanced)?

Today, I give you my opinion as a French teacher about Français avec Pierre. He has one of the best online French courses.

Let's go for this online French course review.

I am very familiar with the free content on his website and YouTube channel as I have been using this material with my students for many years.

Français avec Pierre is really a reference!

I was wondering if his paid classes were worth it.

What is it on these courses that you don't find in the free content online?

And surprise!

Last month, I had the pleasure of testing 3 of his courses: Français Progressif 1, 2 and 3!

Pierre is a very nice colleague.

He gave me access to these 3 courses for a month so that I could get a feel for his work.

What an opportunity!

I have been listening to his courses and doing the exercises for several weeks and I must admit that I was surprised ...

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Have a good class!

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Who is Français avec Pierre ?

Pierre Babon is a native French teacher (from Bordeaux) very active on the net.

He has been teaching French to beginners, intermediate and advanced students for over 10 years.

He lives in Spain where he has taught French in person to hundreds of foreign learners.

We can say that he has experience in teaching French.

Pierre has been a jury for the French exams of the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas in Spain, which is equivalent to the DELF/DALF but only for Spain.

The Delf/ Dalf is a highly recognized exam that evaluates your level of French.

Pierre explains French lessons mainly through videos on YouTube.

But on his website, you can find tests, exercises, and written lessons. He offers one of the best French courses online.

Sometimes we find Pierre alone, sometimes with his lovely wife Noemi who is of Spanish-Japanese origin.

Her feminine presence adds a lot of color and good vibes to the class.

I had already talked about this amazing couple in this article : The best French teachers on the internet

Pierre has been offering free content for over ten years.

Now, he also offers professional French courses (paid) for those who want to go further.

He has a wide range of online French courses to make you progress.

His courses Français progressif 1, 2 and 3 are complete French courses

  • FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1: A complete French course for beginners that takes you from 0 to A2/B1 level or higher;
  • FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2: A complete intermediate FRENCH course that takes you from level A1 or A2 to level B2 or higher;
  • FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 3: A complete advanced French course that takes you from B1/B2 level to C2 level or higher.
Francais avec Pierre Avis Français Progressif

Other courses cover different aspects of the French language.

Do you want to take the TCF, DELF (levels B1 or B2) or DALF (levels C1 or C2)?

Pierre offers five specific French courses on these topics.

Français avec Pierre Avis Delf Dalf
Français avec Pierre Avis Delf Dalf c1 c2

If you are asking yourself how to speak French fluently:

Pierre has courses about speaking French and understanding French:

  • “AmĂ©liore ton expression orale”
  • “AmĂ©liore ta comprĂ©hension orale”

And if you already have a very good level but you are looking for French writing exercises and tips:

Check the course:

  • “AmĂ©liore ton expression Ă©crite”
Français avec Pierre expression orale et écrite

You struggle with French pronunciation?

Don't stress anymore with the French prononciation course

  • “Prononciation facile”

You think that French conjugation is a real headache? It's true!

Discover the course:

  • “Verbes et conjugaison”
Français avec Pierre Prononciation Verbes et conjugaison

Investing some money in educating ourself is necessary sometimes.

It will animate you to study French hard.

Also, you'll receive a set of courses ordered in a logical sequence.

There are exercises, worksheets and corrections with the lessons.

Pierre and the teachers of his team are always available to answer your questions.

You don't know how beneficial a real course is.

I too have invested in online courses to boost my resume, improve my professional career or just for learning new skills.

By the way, I'm telling you my story here .

So many memories!

Well, enough of blabla...

Let's dive into FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1, 2 and 3.

Let's go!

Français Progressif 1, 2 and 3: Online French courses to progress at your own pace

Français Progressif 1 : French course for beginners

This is an all-inclusive course for absolute beginners (who start from 0) and false beginners (who know a few words or understand a little French).

You will be able to progress to A2 or even B1 level.

This French course with Pierre will allow you to work on :

  • Your listening comprehension (understanding French)
  • Your reading comprehension (reading French)
  • Grammar and basic conjugation lessons⁣⁣
  • French pronunciation
  • Essential French vocabulary to participate in simple conversations

By the end of the course:

  • You will feel more confident speaking French.
  • You will be able to write in French
  • You will understand how French grammar and conjugation work

Duration of Français Progressif 1

The course consists of 33 lessons.

The course can be done in 120 hours but you can use it as a reference and come back to it as many times as you want... for the rest of your life.

Even French teachers use this course as a basis for their students (face-to-face or online).

How does it work?

Each lesson begins with a 10-30 minute video.

Pierre himself explains the course to you.

Each lesson is followed by various interactive exercises (fill-in-the-blank sentences, text, quiz, listening with questions,...)

You can see the correction at the end of the exercises.

Then, you can repeat the exercisest⁣⁣ if necessary.


French video lessons.

French listening practice.

Written and audio French dialogues with worksheets.

Interactive exercises such as quizzes, fill-in-the-blank,...

You also receive all the lessons and exercises in PDF so that you can print them out and make a booklet if you like.

On phone, tablet and computer

Your course is available on your phone, tablet and computer (online).

You must have the internet to access it.


At the end of the course you will automatically receive the official diploma Français avec Pierre.

A real plus to add to your resume.

Please note that you must have completed all lessons and passed all tests and final evaluations at 50% to receive the certificate.

Write your name and surname correctly in your student space because it is this name that will appear on your diploma (not like me đŸ„Ž).

Français avec Pierre Avis Exercices pdf

I don't understand French very well

Pierre made your life easier with subtitles in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

Of course, I advise you to subtitle in French.

That's how you'll make the most progress in French.

You can also make Pierre talk more slowly.

Look here 👇

Français avec Pierre traductions
Français avec Pierre vitesse de parole

What exactly are the lessons in Français progressif 1⁣⁣?

  • The alphabet and special signs
  • Simple French sounds and their pronunciation
  • The complex sounds (ou, in, on, eu, etc.) and their pronunciation
  • French "linking" pronunciation and the apostrophe
  • The silent letters
  • Pitch accent and intonation
  • Subject personal pronouns: tu, vous, on,...
  • Conjugation of simple verbs in the present tense (first group)
  • Conjugation of pronominal verbs + reflexive and reciprocal pronouns
  • The different negative sentences (ne pas, ne plus, ne jamais, ne rien)
  • The formation of the feminine
  • The formation of the plural
  • The yes/no questions
  • Countries and nationalities
  • Vocabulary: verbs to describe
  • Grammar: definite and indefinite articles
  • Vocabulary: professions
  • C'est / Il est
  • Describing a person
  • Numbers and their use
  • Conjugation of irregular verbs of group 1 in the present tense
  • Speaking: Asking for and giving the time
  • Adverbs of time
  • Conjugation: Group 2 in the present tense
  • Telling your day + which verbs to use
  • Conjugation: group 3 in the present tense
  • French accents
  • Talk about what you like, hobbies
  • Grammar: tonic pronouns French (moi, toi, lui, etc.)
  • Grammar: contracted articles (du, des, de la, ...)
  • Possessive adjectives (mon, ton, sa,...)
  • Frequency (toujours, souvent, parfois, etc.)
  • Talking about your family in French
  • The near future in French
  • Talking about the weather
  • Partial interrogation and interrogative words (oĂč, qui, etc.)
  • Prepositions before countries and cities (en Espagne, Ă  Paris, etc.)
  • Prepositions and adverbs of place
  • Vocabulary: The city
  • Write a postcard
  • The imperative
  • Indicate the way
  • Ordinal numbers (premier, deuxiĂšme, etc.)
  • Expressing the obligation
  • The impersonal "On"
  • Ask for information in French
  • Shopping
  • Demonstrative adjectives (ce, cette, cet, ces)
  • Knowing how to use "ça"
  • Knowing how to use "Il y a"
  • The house
  • The food
  • Expressing the quantity
  • Grammar: the partial article (du, de l', de la, et des)
  • Recent past (Je viens de...)
  • Present progressive (Je suis en train de...)
  • Vocabulary: At the restaurant
  • Clothing and shopping
  • COD and COI personal pronouns (le, lui, leur, la, etc.)
  • Conjugation: Le passĂ© composĂ©
  • Temporal expressions (hier, il y a un instant, etc.)
  • Job interview in French

Wow, what a program!

There is a final lesson that quickly introduces the concepts that will be studied in FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2.

FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2: intermediate French course

It is the same kind of course as Français Progressif 1.

To study French grammar and conjugation, each chapter contains:

  • A French video lesson explained by Pierre
  • Numerous and interactive quiz-type exercises
  • The lessons and exercises are available in PDF for download

To memorize more French vocabulary, each lesson contains:

  • A written and/or audio dialogue: at the doctor's, in town, two friends meeting up, ...

Your course is available for life on all devices and you will receive a diploma at the end of the course if you answer 50% of the exams correctly.

FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2 consists of 33 lessons.

You will certainly spend 140 hours there.

Attention: big difference !

In FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2, the⁣⁣subtitles are only available in French, not in your native language.


Pierre assumes that you have a better level of French now and that it would be counterproductive to use the subtitles in your language.

To successfully complete the course FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2 and graduate, you must:

  • Pass at least 50% of the exercises in each lesson
  • Score at least 50% on the 3 tests and 2 exams
  • Validate all lessons
test final cours payant français avec Pierre avis

?Final exam of⁣⁣ FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2

Français avec Pierre Avis Test de niveau

Type of question in the exam ?

What do you find exactly in Français Progressif 2?⁣⁣

  • A lesson to review the important topics of FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1
  • The passĂ© composĂ©: revision and consolidation
  • Knowing how to use: ĂȘtre en train de...
  • How to write an invitation and an announcement
  • L'imparfait
  • When to use the "imparfait" and the "passĂ© composĂ©"?
  • Temporal markers (part2)
  • Frequent connectors (donc, mais, puisque, comme, car, parce que, cependant, ainsi, etc.)
  • Verbs aller/venir
  • Some connectors (chez, pour, par, alors, etc.)
  • Vocabulary: At the doctor's
  • French expressions : avoir + body parts
  • Use the COD/COI pronouns (lui, la, leur, eux...) in the right place in the sentence
  • The pronoun Y
  • The place of adjectives
  • Some qualifying adjectives
  • Vocabulary: the city
  • Prepositions to situate oneself (sur, derriĂšre, en face de, ...)
  • Relative pronouns: qui, que, quoi, dont, oĂč...
  • Pronunciation : accents on the letter e (Ă©, Ăš, ĂȘ, Ă«)
  • The pronoun EN
  • When to use the pronoun EN or Y?
  • Conjugation : The future tense
  • Comparison between the future tense and the near future (Je vais ...)
  • The comparison
  • The superlative
  • French vocabulary: Animals
  • Conjugation: The present conditional
  • The compound tenses
  • The agreement of the past participle
  • Express the hypothesis and the condition with SI
  • Possessive adjectives: reminder (mon, ton, ses, leur, ...)
  • Possessive pronouns (le mien, le tien, les leurs, ...)
  • Demonstrative adjectives: reminder (ce, cet, cette, ces)
  • Demonstrative pronouns (celui, celle, ceux, celles, celui-ci, ceux-lĂ , ...)
  • Pronunciation : E caduc and E mute
  • Speech speed and "eaten" letters
  • Conjugation: Le subjonctif prĂ©sent
  • Conjugation: Le subjonctif passĂ©
  • Uses of the subjunctive
  • Adverbs in French (role, formation and place)
  • Frequent adverbs
  • Interrogative words (qui, que, quoi, quel, lequel)
  • The questioning
  • The relative pronoun DONT
  • Compound relative pronouns: (duquel, auxquels, ...)
  • Adjectives and indefinite pronouns (plusieurs, aucun, quelque, ...)
  • Vocabulary: The fear
  • French emphasis: (c'est lui que..., ce que... c'est..., etc.)
  • The negation (part 2): (personne ne..., moi aussi/non plus, ne +aucun, ne+ nulle part, ni, ...)
  • Indirect discourse in the present tense (Ex : She says it's a beautiful day/He asks if you can sing/She wants to know where your brother is...)
  • Indirect speech in the past tense
  • The concordance of tenses
  • Writing a letter in French
  • Conjugation: le passĂ© simple
  • Conjugation: le passĂ© antĂ©rieur
  • The gerund (en chantant, en marchant, ...)
  • The present participle (chantant, marchant, Ă©tant, ayant, ...)
  • The passive voice (Ex: la maison est peinte par Jean)
  • Other passive forms in French
  • Pronunciation: tips, reviews and practice
  • Expressing the cause
  • Expressing the consequence
  • Expressing the goal
  • Expressing opposition
  • Expressing the concession

Example of a lesson in Français Progressif 2

This is lesson 5.

This French video lesson is 15 minutes long.


  • You will learn to use the pronouns COD and COI complements: lui, la, le, les, ...
  • You will learn how to place them in the right place in the sentence


  • Meeting with friends

Here are some screenshots of this French lesson.?

leçon video Français progressif 2 Français avec pierre avis
leçon video 2 Français progressif 2 Français avec pierre avis
leçon video 3 Français progressif 2 Français avec pierre avis

Pierre shows the pronouns with a chart and he gives examples of sentences.

dialogue cours de français en ligne Français avec Pierre avis

The lesson ends with a French dialogue that uses many pronouns.

The dialogue is read and explained by Pierre.

Français avec Pierre avis exercice leçon 5 Français Progressif 2

A final test question from this lesson

Français avec Pierre cours à imprimer PDF

The PDF of the lesson to print (3 pages)

Français Progressif 3: Advanced French Course

Français Progressif 3 is organized in a slightly different way.

It consists of 12 units.

You will need approximately 140 hours to complete this comprehensive French course.

For whom?

This is an advanced French course.

Ideal if you already have a B1, B2 or C1 level in French.

This course covers all the main topics of grammar, vocabulary, conjugation and pronunciation for levels C1 and C2.

In addition, Pierre gives you tips on how to go further and keep learning French.

How does it work?

You can access your course from with the password and login you received at the time of your purchase.

Let's go!

You can study on your advanced French course on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Results ?

By the end of this course, you can achieve a C2 level or even more!

French certificate : You will receive a French language certification if you complete all the lessons and pass 50% of all the exercises.

What's included in Français Progressif 3⁣⁣?

Each unit is organized around a theme: travel, technology, work, media, etc.

These themes are important topics for your general culture but are also frequently found in the DELF, DALF and TCF exams.

Each unit of FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 3 is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Vocabulary

  • An audio or a long text (about the theme) to do a French listening or a reading exercise .
  • 2 or 3 quizzes (20 to 40 questions in total)
  • A PDF summary sheet with all the vocabulary and resources to go further

Partie 2 : Grammaire 

  • A grammar or conjugation course explained by Pierre in video. The course is quite long (15-30 min) and the level of French is advanced.
  • Sample lessons: tense concordance, pronominal verbs, past tenses and their use, when to use the subjunctive, indicative or infinitive, etc.
  • Quizzes
  • A printable PDF summary sheet to review the grammar/conjugation of the lesson

Part 3: Practical tips to go further in your French learning journey

  • Super important for your motivation and long-term progress: Pierre gives you tips to learn French better.
  • He also gives you advice for: French pronunciation, making a summary, understanding a literary text, making a dictation, reading the press, writing in French, ...
  • He explains how to improve your oral expression (speaking in French)
  • He explains how to improve your oral comprehension (understanding spoken French)

Example of a lesson in⁣⁣Français Progressif 3

This is lesson 10.

You will find :

  • A video on vocabulary: The house + exercises
  • A grammar video: tense concordance + exercises
  • A French dictation + questions
  • PDF of the lessons to print

Here are some screenshots of these video lessons 👇

Français avec Pierre avis niveau avancé

Vocabulary lesson

Français avec Pierre avis niveau avancé2

Grammar lesson: tense concordance

Français avec Pierre Avis niveau avancé dictée


Français avec Pierre Avis niveau avancé exercices


Français avec Pierre Avis niveau avancé cours PDF

Example of a PDF to print

Conseils Français avec Pierre

Pierre's advice to progress in French at an advanced level

Questions sur les cours payants de Français avec Pierre

How can i access my paying course French with Pierre?

You will receive a login and a password to log on to the website .

This is where you will find your complete French course.

Is there a guarantee?


You can request a full refund within 30 days if the course is not to your liking.

And if I have any questions?

With Français Progressif 1, 2 ou 3, you have access to a⁣⁣private Facebook group.

The group is led by a French teacher who will answer all your questions. He organizes regular ZOOM meetings with the members.

Great to discuss and ask questions live!

Are there any French conversations with Pierre?

There are no French conversation lessons with Pierre in Français Progressif 1, 2 and 3.

My opinion on the online French courses with Pierre


  • Very complete French video courses
  • Lots of exercises (French quizzes) to practice
  • PDF of the lessons to print
  • A French teacher to answer your questions (in the Facebook group)
  • A very pleasant and easy platform
  • A French diploma at the end of the course


  • You will need to be motivated and consistent to complete the course and get results
  • No French conversation groups online with Pierre

Français avec Pierre, review : Conclusion

ñƒ  FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1, 2 and 3 don't include French conversation practice with Pierre.

You will need to speak French elsewhere if you want to improve your speaking skills.

This is a grammar/pronunciation/conjugation/vocabulary course: You will finally learn the basics of French 👉 it will really help you in speaking and writing too.

ñƓ”マ FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1, 2 and 3 : 

  • Comprehensive French courses: hours of well-organized French lessons
  • One of the best online French course to keep on your computer and to use regularly as you use a dictionary or a grammar book

Except that with Pierre, it is more alive and better explained!

  • A ton of interactive exercises to do and redo at home, on the subway, before an exam, etc.
  • Hundreds of colorful and well-explained printable PDFS to summarize all the lessons.
  • Levels :

          đŸ‘‰FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1 : ⁣⁣Reach level A2/B1

          đŸ‘‰FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 2 : ⁣⁣Reach level B2

          đŸ‘‰FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 3: ⁣⁣Attain C2 level

Do you want to improve your French?

Take advantage of 20% discount on FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1, 2 and 3 and ALL French courses with Pierre (except the Academy)

Yes, I want 20% off ALL French classes with Pierre!

You can ask me questions if you have any doubts😄.

I myself have used FRANÇAIS PROGRESSIF 1, 2 and 3.

See you in the comments!

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· The same course explained in French here : Français avec Pierre avis

Prof de français depuis 10 ans.

Je t'explique la grammaire et la conjugaison avec des vidĂ©os courtes🎬 qui vont droit au but 🎯.

Parce que tu as besoin de comprendre les bases de la grammaire et de la conjugaison pour (enfin !) parler français.


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